Friday, May 11, 2012

Springtime Zombie on FANGORIA

As a small company that is just starting out, we're working extremely hard to not only make great animation, but to get noticed for doing it.That's why we're so happy to have FANGORIA Magazine giving us a premiere for our latest film, Springtime Zombie.

Fangoria (in case you don't know) is the longest running horror magazine out there. These days its cover reads "The First In Fright Since 1979". To save you counting that one out on your own fingers and toes, as well as your nearest neighbour, that's 33 years of horror movie madness. That covers such epic moments in film history as Alien, Friday 13th, Halloween,  Nightmare on Elm Street (the originals, as well as the sequels), George Romero's classics...and that's just to name a few biggies.

The mag is legendary for horror fans the world over, and you'd have a hard time  finding a single sci-fi, horror, or special effects/make-up professional working today that hasn't been deeply influenced by the crazy madness that flows through Fangoria's pages. And that includes Geri and Chris of Mad Lab.

So to be not only profiled by them but to have our humble short premiered on their site is a huge honour for us. Fangoria was not only the first to show off our latest, but they also offered us great press about our company and what we are all about.

We'd like to thank Fangoria, and specifically Chris Alexander (Editor) for the support and encouragement. This kind of coverage from an institute like Fangoria is proof that the magazine cares not only about the big franchises and multi-million dollar blockbusters, but it also loves the upstart fiends, as they claw and scratch their way to reach the surface- fiends like the gore-soaked weirdos at Mad Lab Productions.

You can read the great article and watch our new film HERE.

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